Not long now

as of about 50 mins at least. Then watch the one at the bottom the linked page.


We are approaching the two month point.  The vote will be soon.  There are some interesting things happening.

The NHS is crucial, having been an independent body north of the border since inception back in the 40s.  Labour are on record as wanting to merge the various health services; whilst the tories are intent on creeping privatisation which in turn reduces public spend down south and thus the block grant elsewhere.

A few months ago a surgeon came to town, you may remember her address to a gathering.  That footage has now been viewed over 30,000 times, thanks to the wonders of You Tube.  And what’s more the Daily Record, yes the Daily Record which is virtually the Labour Newsletter, very much unionist supporting, has highlighted Philippa Whitford’sfears for the NHS.  Wow.  Whatever next?

And still on the subject of the party of the red rose, there’s a superb…

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George Bush the painter: product of political ideology

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Fallen First World War Poets: 1. August Stramm

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