George Bush the painter: product of political ideology

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Picasso famously said: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” For Picasso art was a way of life that was to lead to culmination in enlightenment, both of himself and others. Today the Western world is full of “part-time painters” most of whom have little to say. Art as a means of expression has yielded to art as a need for “balance”, according to the motto “you need a hobby” as if art wasn’t work. The question is whether everyone who paints or writes as a “hobby” should also seek an audience: should the inner search become an outer one? And yet some art which would otherwise have been ignored if not for the personal biographies of the painters are hung in public places, for example, in the George Bush Presidential Library. An example of such a painter is George…

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- Born in Glasgow, Scotland -- Since 1992 in Germany --- Work as translator (German - English) and business coach ---- Write novels, short prose and poetry ----- Act as ventriloquist dummy for a struggling artist called Joe.
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