Motto: Be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you

All content of this blog underlies the artistic copyright of J. Danaghie, unless stated otherwise. If you want to use something from this blog on your own web page (except things that are not my property, see below) please quote this web page as the source.

If you do that (and let me know) I’ll be happy enough or even grateful. If you want to print something off the web like in a magazine, then ask me via email, since I’ll probably be interested in a copy of it.

Put in legal terms which I am using in order to avoid any possible consequences of not using them, not in order to be a pretentious power freak: J. Danaghie exerts the right to be recognised as the sole creator of the text/visual content, except where indicated otherwise or where obviously the property of, or under the juristiction of WordPress.com or WordPress.com’s third-party service- providers. None of the content may be used, in  part or in whole, in any way whatsoever, including  translation, copying, changing, without my express, advance permission in writing.

The blog is provided to the public as is. I may change the content at my own discretion and will not be held responsible or liable for damage incurred through changes. I will also not be held responsible or liable for any damage; feeling of insult; loss (or gain) of religion, sanity, intelligence, (in)security, life or limbs incurred through the content or use of this blog.

This blog is run on the platform WordPress.com, for this reason I neither have sole control of the displayed content nor can I guarantee or accept responsibility or liability for changes of the content or any damage.


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